Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Call Center and BPO jobs in Chennai

Hi people, i hereby announce that, i'm now working for a HR services company in Chennai as a recruiting associate.
right now i'm looking after openings in BPO's mostly.

So any person who find's this post through search engine, and looking for a job in BPO's please contact me at loggyts@aol.in

Tuesday, August 07, 2007


There will be two SUN’s in TN skies. Yes in Tamil Satellite Channel’s. Kalaignar Tv which is to be launched on SEP15th will have SUN as its logo. It is been announced that it will DMK’s official channel. Thus, it carries the parties’ symbol rising sun. The channel is started in rival of SUN TV, result of the MK and MARAN’s clash.

News has started leaking that KALAIGNAR TV has almost purchased the new tamil movies which has released till now in this year, including the MEGA SIVAJI and yet to be released DASAVATHARAM. Serials casting famous heroines like Kushboo, first on TV channels ever with Maestro Ilayaraja’s music, lots more attractive stuffs are in the making for Kalaignar TV. All This must have surely shaken SUNTV a bit.

Here is my first try in cartoon related to this issue. Just used paint brush to do it. Don’t expect perfection eh..

After kalaignar TV, there is still more on pipeline for Tamil viewers like MEGA TV, VASANTH TV and JAYA PLUS. Which is expected to be launched one after the another by END of this FISCAL. Which will take the total Tamil Satellite channel list to 20. So its Galla time to TAMIL TV VIEWER’S.

Friday, July 27, 2007

India giving full employement?

Most people in INDIA would like to fly abroad, study there, work there..Moreover India always have High UNEMPLOYMENT rate due to its population.

i think now the scene is slowly changing. I spotted lot of foreigner's in Chennai City for few days,
Met one Serbian girl and enquired her, on what makes her to be here.. she said, she's in internship training for 6 months.
It seems about 1500 foreigners are present in south India alone for internship program, this season..

Looks like INDIA is cheaper for them in all ways, especially for a studying student.
Will this grow and can we expect more foreigner's work in INDIA?

But my question is, Does INDIA giving full employment to its citizens, to give room to foreigners?

GOK(God only Knows)

Friday, July 06, 2007

Sivaji- The Boss

After a gap, Yes, I’m back here.
Now back again with SIVAJI- THE BOSS.
I was lucky to get the tickets for the show on first day.(Being a super star fan I never watched his movie on first day.. I usually get tickets only after 4th or 5th day) Got the ticket for 2.30 show on June 15th in PVR Naraina, New Delhi. Yes that was the first day, first show in NEW DELHI. So lucky eh!

The movie was simply magnificent than any other film in INDIA. Yes it was not the usual stuff of Shankar on the screenplay. But still the movie is good and BIG.

Super Star…..
Should I have to say something on him? He is awesome…. BEST PERFORMANCE of Thalaivar.

My favorite song in the move is STYLE... Just for its Special effects. RAJINKANTH comes like European… Was a pleasant treat for His Fans and of course me.

COOL.... This song is another mile ahead of INDIAN CINEMAS..
See more details of the CG on the movie here.

By this post I strongly condemn the CNN-IBN reporter who made a stupid review on this movie, without even knowing the Language of that movie. These people should know the sentiments of people in mind before making such comments. They cannot vomit anything just because they own some URL in a big portal.
Anyway, by this time she would be shocked to see the MASS of Super star by those comments, which crossed 1000 and counting. No blogger would have seen this number as comments recently.

And, Look at HERE, Even BBC talk about RAJINIKANTH!

Of all this...


Friday, May 25, 2007

Chennai Auto meters!

Here’s one example on Chennai Auto drivers not using the new digital meters.

Yes! for several years the meter concept is not followed by Chennai autos! But the present government had took pain and made a new order saying, all auto’s should be equipped with Digital meters and new revised fares which is actually favoring auto owners where also given. But still these people follow the same old custom! As per the new revised fare, from Chennai Central to Anna nagar is just Rs.75 to Rs.80 but I had to give Rs.120 few days before.
Some serious action should be taken by concerned department regarding this. I feel Chennai is the only place where Auto Fares are Too High! Compared to, Hyderabad, New Delhi and Mumbai! Not sure about Bangalore although!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Maran's Vs MK Heir's

Dayanidhi is out from union ministry on the anti-climax of Dinkaran office premises Violence.
What is seen here from a third person’s view like mine is, Karunadhi clearly shown his Fondness towards his Son’s and Daughter’s, Rather than his Nephew Grandson’s. This Fraternal War turned to Blood last week.

Maran brothers established the Giant SUN NETWORK only because of the political support given by DMK, i.e from his grandfather. SUN NETWORK has its corporate office in ARIVALAYAM which is supposed to be the DMK Trust’s building. Sources said that, kalanidhi violated karunanidhi’s warning and published the Survey reports, which trigered the violence. That may be a valid point from DMK or Karunanidhi personally to accuse Kalanidhi maran.

But in what ways Dayanidhi is responsible for all these problems? Why is he forced to resign his post? D.Maran was responsible for a great telecom revolution which happened in India. India has the world’s cheapest tariff in telecom. This came true because of this man. India’s one of the youngest politician and youngest in Cabinet. Many credits go to this man. His expulsion is a loss to Nation, especially TamilNadu.

But what Steps did CM take on Dinakaran Attack?
That’s an unanswered question till date.

Some interesting things happening after theese issues like, RajTv given preference in telecasting DMK related telecasts, which SunTv used to.
Future scenario between SunTv and DMK is uncertain.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

My Tamil Blog!

Finally! i have started my blog in my mother language. This was my long time idea, finally implemented after getting all the tools and experience.
Here is the link--> லோகி வழி-LOGGYVAZHI(Loggy Way!)
Those who read Tamil, please do visit my tamil blog too. (If at all u r reading this blog)

Thats all for now!

HAPPY TAMIL NEW YEAR for all Tamil People!

எனது இனிய புத்தாண்டு நல்வாழ்த்துக்கள்.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

SIVAJI Themes for Mobile

Its Sivaji Fever, i thought of changing my mobile into SIVAJI loaded, and i created my own themes for my N73 phone. It looked cool and thought of sharing it in my blog and here it is.
I have created Sivaji themes
for NOKIA Models 6110 Navigator, 6290, E50, E65, N71, N73, N75, N76, N92, N93, N93i, N95.
Those who like it can download it and install in your mobile if ur mobile model is in above list.

Theme 1:
OwnSkin Preview
Download: SIVAJI1

Theme 2:
OwnSkin Preview
Download: SIVAJI2

Theme 3:
OwnSkin Preview
Download: sivaji3

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Sivaji vs Internet!

Sivaji -the boss, most awaited movie in Indian Cinema. Because, this is SUPER Star’s MOVIE. Added attractions like SHANKER, AR RAHMAN, and AVM makes the movie even Bigger.
Right from the commencement of shooting, rumors and gossips started spreading about the movie, especially in WEB.
3 or 4 clips of SIVAJI shooting taken by some fans from spain and pune was published in You tube few months back.
Now, even before the official audio release , 3 songs are available in Websites.
I got the songs, All the three songs are simply superb! Ar Rahman Rock’s again! Now, it increases my curiosity to watch Super star visually in those songs.

One more interesting thing I found was,
Being the actual official website of the movie www.sivajitheboss.com (this is yet to be launched.)
There is a bogus site for the movie, www.sivajithemovie.com , and claims itself as official site for the movie! Totally confused eh!

Whatever,the movie stays BIG and increases Bigger, day by day!

Super star naa, Chumma vaa!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Air Deccan's Cheating!

I have already written about Air Deccan’s false words beyond its potency levels. Right from the beginning air deccan was cheating in Ticketing and in many other issues. Now it’s been caught red handed by CNN-IBN news channel crew, on offloading passengers claiming that, they are late. Here’s the whole Story from CNN IBN website.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Missing SAB TV!

The Grand Cricket festival has started and it’s only a half treat for Chennai Cricket fans. Already, due to CAS (Conditional access System), 75% of Chennai urban people miss the action, by not watching through main broadcasters SONY MAX. It can be only watched through SET TOP BOX.
Now that SAB TV which is also a subsidy of SONY INDIA, some Matches which are played in same day is been telecasted in this channel, and is now been missing from Cable frequencies in Chennai since few days. SAB TV is actually a FTA (Free to Air) Channel, which was coming in normal cable connection, now it is missing.
I was shocked to find that SAB is also missing from my SET TOP BOX channel list. The reason is ‘?’.
I heard SAB will also be used to telecast matches with regional language commentaries from Super 8 rounds.
I tried to call SCV (main cable connection provider in Chennai and also a subsidy of SUN TV), the phone bell was just ringing!

Update News: After my post, Yesterday during India Match, SAB tv was back on the normal cable. But still unavailable on SET TOP BOX. Where in STB also SAB tv used to come.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Feckless Portals

It’s good that Global leaders in Webportal business, YAHOO and MSN start their regional language portals for India.
As far as my observation from Yahoo! Tamil and MSN Tamil, most of the news is not updated frequently. The news and information which are posted is mostly of 6 to 7 hours delayed. The movie review section will be at least one month old.
Yahoo! Tamil, shares most of its news and articles from Webulagam, which is clearly given at the end of the article as ‘courtesy: Webdunia’. But still, my question is, if they are going to share from webdunia or webulagam, whats the point in starting a separate language portal under their brand name? Instead they can just provide the link to webulgam and make that particular website’s traffic increase.
When I checked, BBC Tamil, the news was simultaneously updated as its main English portal. But the news is more of International based, unlike other Tamil portals which has only India news.
As a Tamil reader I’m not satisfied of these available portals, because the News is not updated (Except BBC Tamil) and there is no focus on news from rest of the districts in Tamilnadu and Srilanka. Yes BBC gives some SRILANKAN news, but other Tamil NEWS portals just focus mostly on INDIAN NATIONAL NEWS, which we already get from other News websites and News Channels.
However mainstream newspaper Giant Daily thanthi provides its Epaper service in its website, and that gives the news which I required.
But what I need is professional internet TAMIL PORTAL. Like English, French and other languages have.
Special note: There are large number of website's for Kollwood news. Enna ulagamada ithu!

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Tuff Season for TAMILNADU

I can see three problems for Tamilnadu from its neighbouring states at present. Let me share one by one:
The recent judgment made by kaveri tribunal in new delhi triggered the first problem. Kannadigas, are not satisfied with the judgment and say that central government had made injustice to Karnataka. Lot’s of Violence and protest was seen in many parts of southern Karnataka. So, the Road transport between these two states was stopped. No truck movements in and out the borders of these states. Thus, both the state lorry owners face losses.

Now the next problem, KERELA! The central railway ministry ordered for establishment of new Railway division in SALEM, and that seems, not a good news for kerelites. The New division in Salem will be formed by separating areas (railway station’s and routes) like Salem, Erode, Tiruppur, Ooty, Coimbatore and pollachi(All these areas in TAMILNADU) from the existing PALGHAT DIVISION. What the Kerelites feel is, By separating these areas from Palghat divison will lose its existing stoutness, because these station are the high revenue yielding stations. So the Kerelites don’t want to loose the strength of Palghat division, and so Lot of protest is taking place in and out palghat regions and even most parts of the state. Violence and Protest took place here also. Kerela CM has also written a letter to PM on behalf of Kerela people on not to divide the Paghat Division.

Guess the next problem, obviously Andhra pradhesh, after Karnataka and Kerela. AP stopped the Krishna water supply to Chennai city from Kandeleru reservoir. As the summer approaching the current storage of water wont be sufficient for the City.
For Reference: THE HINDU

Nothing much to comment on these issues. Since this being a Inter-state problems i Will stop with this. Anyways, Its all up to the counter states to cooperate with their sister state and Solve the Problems as soon as possible.

Sunday, January 14, 2007


That was great joy and nearly a dream come true moment for Salem people, when air deccan officials anounced on SALEM-CHENNAI air service. This turned into a disappointment in just 3 months, when some sources said, that the airline is reluctant now.
15 to 16 years had passed after the construction of commercial airport in Salem and still no operations.
People were excited and was curious on the commencement of service, after the reports of air deccan's service..but now it had turned onto a great disappointment.
Air deccan claims that, 'it has asked solid commitment from the trade and industry community of Salem, Namakkal and Dharmapuri districts, to ensure a minimum of 25 tickets both ways and they did not give any answer.' Air deccan added that 'locals did not had enthusiasm to fly. '( SOURCE:THE HINDU report, ) Whatever it is, but the truth was many businessmen from salem and namakkal regions wer waiting for this service and would have used it to the maximum.

Actually, Air deccan's reputation to other destination is also not good.. like CANCELLATION of FLIGHTS..POOR SERVICE.. PATHETIC AIRCRAFT CONDITION.. of all these problems, blaming on Salem peoples enthusiastic levels is not fair on air deccans part. Already, air deccan is also facing some financial drawbacks in recent days and expected to increased in coming months.
Anyways.. in future air deccan should atleast check the feasible conditions of their potency, before giving the word for starting services for new destination. Try not to disappoint some other city and its citizens like this.