Sunday, March 25, 2007

Sivaji vs Internet!

Sivaji -the boss, most awaited movie in Indian Cinema. Because, this is SUPER Star’s MOVIE. Added attractions like SHANKER, AR RAHMAN, and AVM makes the movie even Bigger.
Right from the commencement of shooting, rumors and gossips started spreading about the movie, especially in WEB.
3 or 4 clips of SIVAJI shooting taken by some fans from spain and pune was published in You tube few months back.
Now, even before the official audio release , 3 songs are available in Websites.
I got the songs, All the three songs are simply superb! Ar Rahman Rock’s again! Now, it increases my curiosity to watch Super star visually in those songs.

One more interesting thing I found was,
Being the actual official website of the movie (this is yet to be launched.)
There is a bogus site for the movie, , and claims itself as official site for the movie! Totally confused eh!

Whatever,the movie stays BIG and increases Bigger, day by day!

Super star naa, Chumma vaa!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Air Deccan's Cheating!

I have already written about Air Deccan’s false words beyond its potency levels. Right from the beginning air deccan was cheating in Ticketing and in many other issues. Now it’s been caught red handed by CNN-IBN news channel crew, on offloading passengers claiming that, they are late. Here’s the whole Story from CNN IBN website.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Missing SAB TV!

The Grand Cricket festival has started and it’s only a half treat for Chennai Cricket fans. Already, due to CAS (Conditional access System), 75% of Chennai urban people miss the action, by not watching through main broadcasters SONY MAX. It can be only watched through SET TOP BOX.
Now that SAB TV which is also a subsidy of SONY INDIA, some Matches which are played in same day is been telecasted in this channel, and is now been missing from Cable frequencies in Chennai since few days. SAB TV is actually a FTA (Free to Air) Channel, which was coming in normal cable connection, now it is missing.
I was shocked to find that SAB is also missing from my SET TOP BOX channel list. The reason is ‘?’.
I heard SAB will also be used to telecast matches with regional language commentaries from Super 8 rounds.
I tried to call SCV (main cable connection provider in Chennai and also a subsidy of SUN TV), the phone bell was just ringing!

Update News: After my post, Yesterday during India Match, SAB tv was back on the normal cable. But still unavailable on SET TOP BOX. Where in STB also SAB tv used to come.