Thursday, February 08, 2007

Tuff Season for TAMILNADU

I can see three problems for Tamilnadu from its neighbouring states at present. Let me share one by one:
The recent judgment made by kaveri tribunal in new delhi triggered the first problem. Kannadigas, are not satisfied with the judgment and say that central government had made injustice to Karnataka. Lot’s of Violence and protest was seen in many parts of southern Karnataka. So, the Road transport between these two states was stopped. No truck movements in and out the borders of these states. Thus, both the state lorry owners face losses.

Now the next problem, KERELA! The central railway ministry ordered for establishment of new Railway division in SALEM, and that seems, not a good news for kerelites. The New division in Salem will be formed by separating areas (railway station’s and routes) like Salem, Erode, Tiruppur, Ooty, Coimbatore and pollachi(All these areas in TAMILNADU) from the existing PALGHAT DIVISION. What the Kerelites feel is, By separating these areas from Palghat divison will lose its existing stoutness, because these station are the high revenue yielding stations. So the Kerelites don’t want to loose the strength of Palghat division, and so Lot of protest is taking place in and out palghat regions and even most parts of the state. Violence and Protest took place here also. Kerela CM has also written a letter to PM on behalf of Kerela people on not to divide the Paghat Division.

Guess the next problem, obviously Andhra pradhesh, after Karnataka and Kerela. AP stopped the Krishna water supply to Chennai city from Kandeleru reservoir. As the summer approaching the current storage of water wont be sufficient for the City.
For Reference: THE HINDU

Nothing much to comment on these issues. Since this being a Inter-state problems i Will stop with this. Anyways, Its all up to the counter states to cooperate with their sister state and Solve the Problems as soon as possible.


hari said...

Always an issue Logesh. Maanilangal eppodhume adichukaraangale... Gaptun aatchikku varanum. Appo thaan nallathu nadakkum.

logesh tamilselvan said...

ha ha ha.. adhu seri..

hari said...

Enna ba Logeshu, arasiyalila yaranga poriyaa?

logesh tamilselvan said...

lethu naina.. chumma oru matter eluthanumnu eluthunen baa!

Shrinidhi Hande said...

If I'm right TN also had issues with SriLanka as people left Srilanka and entered TN to settle here due to ongoing battles there...

logesh tamilselvan said...

yes Shrinidhi.. there are refugees coming from Srilanka due to battle.
But as far i know there is not any issues with either governments regarding this.
TN government has erected an permanent Refugees camp in Rameswaram and Tirunelveli in support of central government and takes care of the refugees. Those refugees are also allowed to work in local area, although they are not given Citizenship.