Sunday, January 14, 2007


That was great joy and nearly a dream come true moment for Salem people, when air deccan officials anounced on SALEM-CHENNAI air service. This turned into a disappointment in just 3 months, when some sources said, that the airline is reluctant now.
15 to 16 years had passed after the construction of commercial airport in Salem and still no operations.
People were excited and was curious on the commencement of service, after the reports of air deccan's service..but now it had turned onto a great disappointment.
Air deccan claims that, 'it has asked solid commitment from the trade and industry community of Salem, Namakkal and Dharmapuri districts, to ensure a minimum of 25 tickets both ways and they did not give any answer.' Air deccan added that 'locals did not had enthusiasm to fly. '( SOURCE:THE HINDU report, ) Whatever it is, but the truth was many businessmen from salem and namakkal regions wer waiting for this service and would have used it to the maximum.

Actually, Air deccan's reputation to other destination is also not good.. like CANCELLATION of FLIGHTS..POOR SERVICE.. PATHETIC AIRCRAFT CONDITION.. of all these problems, blaming on Salem peoples enthusiastic levels is not fair on air deccans part. Already, air deccan is also facing some financial drawbacks in recent days and expected to increased in coming months.
Anyways.. in future air deccan should atleast check the feasible conditions of their potency, before giving the word for starting services for new destination. Try not to disappoint some other city and its citizens like this.



hari said...

Air Deccan is dandam.

logesh tamilselvan said...

yes..better to travel in GOV BUS..he he..

ddebleu said...

I travel to Maduarai from Bangalore by Air Deccan and have clocked 3 flights so far, I am glad that this flight is there. The load factor is something I keep watching which so far on the Madurai flight on all instances is more than 55 on a 72 seater ATR which is reasonable. I think for Salem it may be better to combine it with flights further south for the loading.Am HappyWithAirDeccan

logesh tamilselvan said...

yes sir.. but my point is.. Salem has the potential to fill 40-55 seats both ways in Chennai-Salem sector if STARTED, and there is no need of combining some other destination. Air Deccan is just giving its reason of load factor, without even starting the service..

Shrinidhi Hande said...

In my opinion Air Deccan could have focused on some few sectors, build good customer relationship, increase their reputation, turn profitable and then expand to other territorries.

But the airline is simply increasing its fleet without thinking of other factors and eventually both airline and passengers are disappointed.

logesh tamilselvan said...

Exactly shrinidhi.. That is what my point is too. you made it very simple..

Devanayagan said...

One should never forget that in 1998 TN goverment I think under Jayalalitha rule had promised a govermnent operated airline for Tamil Nadu. It is 2009, goverment has changed this has not happeneded.

Tamil Nadu may be leading state in industry. But when it comes to airport infrastructure Tamil Nadu is proudly the WORST STATE in the south. There are only 2 international airports.

A small state like Kerala has 4 international airports.

There are lacs of people who have sole dependency of bus. For them airports in Salem, Kanniyakumari, Vellore and Tuticorin will also be a boon.

Unfortunately, for us people in Tamil Nadu, our chief ministers in Tamil Nadu have made great progress in the field of caste system and free vettis and free selais and free TVs.

Too see why the airline project is NOT a big joke, Gujarat, Kerala, Karnakata and Andhra Pradesh goverments are allotting money for their airline projects.

One may recall Karnataka's plan for building 10 new airports. One may also recall a very small town in Karnataka, Shimoga has an airport which can handle Boeing air-crafts. This was inaugrated last year.

Tamil Nadu had 4 airports 30 years back. Tamil Nadu still has only 4 airports. Nothing has changed. The story is different in Tamil Nadu's 3 neighbouring states.

People in Southern districts of Tamil Nadu have to go to Kerala to catch flights. People in Western Tamil Nadu (Dharmapuri, Salem, Hosur etc) have to go to Karnataka to catch fights.

Andhra is planning to have an airport near Nellore not far from Tamil Nadu border.

Tamil Nadu 30 years back was called 'Gateway to the South'. Now Tamil Nadu has become the 'Backyard of the South' as people have to go out of state to catch flights.

Even after repeated appeals that airport in Tuticorin does not even have proper Taxi service or ATM machine, nothing has happened. Goverment is sleeping in Chennai.

Lastly if we are still depending on Air Deccan, Air Hindi, Hindi Airlines or Authority of Airport of India for flights to Tamil Nadu, it a pipe dream and wont happen soon. Only a state level airline wholely owned by Tamil Nadu state government or entity can serve the purpose. Everyone knows that Athority or Airport of India does not have any money and are busy in Delhi or Bombay only and only interested in Hindi imposition rather than building airports in Tamil Nadu.

Also Tamil Nadu state goverment has a lot more to achieve in terms of caste system, reservation, this quota, that quota, free vetti/selais so they dont have time for something which is useless (for votes) like building new airports.

bala said...

dont underestimate the potential of salem city.just check the airticket bookings done by the salem travel agents for people of salem,and so you will understand the potential of salem.weekly thrice or 5 flights to mumbai and delhi from salem could be a big succes.Airline operators! are you listening?

sakthi said...


Now itself i want to book a ticket by net.But i can't find any flights for salem.Is it true they r going to Open......

vinesh said...

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Logesh TamilSelvan said...

Thanks Devanayagan, now we can be proud, Salem-Chennai air service from nov15th

Logesh TamilSelvan said...

Thanks, bala, sakthi and vinesh.. for visiting my blog.