Friday, July 27, 2007

India giving full employement?

Most people in INDIA would like to fly abroad, study there, work there..Moreover India always have High UNEMPLOYMENT rate due to its population.

i think now the scene is slowly changing. I spotted lot of foreigner's in Chennai City for few days,
Met one Serbian girl and enquired her, on what makes her to be here.. she said, she's in internship training for 6 months.
It seems about 1500 foreigners are present in south India alone for internship program, this season..

Looks like INDIA is cheaper for them in all ways, especially for a studying student.
Will this grow and can we expect more foreigner's work in INDIA?

But my question is, Does INDIA giving full employment to its citizens, to give room to foreigners?

GOK(God only Knows)

Friday, July 06, 2007

Sivaji- The Boss

After a gap, Yes, I’m back here.
Now back again with SIVAJI- THE BOSS.
I was lucky to get the tickets for the show on first day.(Being a super star fan I never watched his movie on first day.. I usually get tickets only after 4th or 5th day) Got the ticket for 2.30 show on June 15th in PVR Naraina, New Delhi. Yes that was the first day, first show in NEW DELHI. So lucky eh!

The movie was simply magnificent than any other film in INDIA. Yes it was not the usual stuff of Shankar on the screenplay. But still the movie is good and BIG.

Super Star…..
Should I have to say something on him? He is awesome…. BEST PERFORMANCE of Thalaivar.

My favorite song in the move is STYLE... Just for its Special effects. RAJINKANTH comes like European… Was a pleasant treat for His Fans and of course me.

COOL.... This song is another mile ahead of INDIAN CINEMAS..
See more details of the CG on the movie here.

By this post I strongly condemn the CNN-IBN reporter who made a stupid review on this movie, without even knowing the Language of that movie. These people should know the sentiments of people in mind before making such comments. They cannot vomit anything just because they own some URL in a big portal.
Anyway, by this time she would be shocked to see the MASS of Super star by those comments, which crossed 1000 and counting. No blogger would have seen this number as comments recently.

And, Look at HERE, Even BBC talk about RAJINIKANTH!

Of all this...