Friday, May 25, 2007

Chennai Auto meters!

Here’s one example on Chennai Auto drivers not using the new digital meters.

Yes! for several years the meter concept is not followed by Chennai autos! But the present government had took pain and made a new order saying, all auto’s should be equipped with Digital meters and new revised fares which is actually favoring auto owners where also given. But still these people follow the same old custom! As per the new revised fare, from Chennai Central to Anna nagar is just Rs.75 to Rs.80 but I had to give Rs.120 few days before.
Some serious action should be taken by concerned department regarding this. I feel Chennai is the only place where Auto Fares are Too High! Compared to, Hyderabad, New Delhi and Mumbai! Not sure about Bangalore although!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Maran's Vs MK Heir's

Dayanidhi is out from union ministry on the anti-climax of Dinkaran office premises Violence.
What is seen here from a third person’s view like mine is, Karunadhi clearly shown his Fondness towards his Son’s and Daughter’s, Rather than his Nephew Grandson’s. This Fraternal War turned to Blood last week.

Maran brothers established the Giant SUN NETWORK only because of the political support given by DMK, i.e from his grandfather. SUN NETWORK has its corporate office in ARIVALAYAM which is supposed to be the DMK Trust’s building. Sources said that, kalanidhi violated karunanidhi’s warning and published the Survey reports, which trigered the violence. That may be a valid point from DMK or Karunanidhi personally to accuse Kalanidhi maran.

But in what ways Dayanidhi is responsible for all these problems? Why is he forced to resign his post? D.Maran was responsible for a great telecom revolution which happened in India. India has the world’s cheapest tariff in telecom. This came true because of this man. India’s one of the youngest politician and youngest in Cabinet. Many credits go to this man. His expulsion is a loss to Nation, especially TamilNadu.

But what Steps did CM take on Dinakaran Attack?
That’s an unanswered question till date.

Some interesting things happening after theese issues like, RajTv given preference in telecasting DMK related telecasts, which SunTv used to.
Future scenario between SunTv and DMK is uncertain.