Saturday, November 15, 2008

Two years of blogging

Well, Surprisingly i found out that, I've been completed 2 years of blogging. When i look back, i have hardly made posts which will be useful to my friends or internet users.
Will try to post more useful things in coming days.. Definitely, have to improve in many things with related to blogging.
At this time i should Thank my Blog friends Hari and Shrinidhi, who have been supportive to me all these months. Thanks people!


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Famous Little Super Star Video

Somewhere or somehow, Kollywood movies become popular for its contents.
This Clip from the Movie Adhiyasaya Piravi, starring Super Star Rajinikanth with King Khan (a comedy actor in Tamil cinema), has attracted many viewers for its dance number in the video.

Look at the view numbers of that video!!
Well, what could be the reason for its popularity? Creativity? Buffoonery content?

Also take a look at the Spoof video of this famous video. Surprisingly, some people have used the idea for promotional purposes too...