Monday, February 19, 2007

Feckless Portals

It’s good that Global leaders in Webportal business, YAHOO and MSN start their regional language portals for India.
As far as my observation from Yahoo! Tamil and MSN Tamil, most of the news is not updated frequently. The news and information which are posted is mostly of 6 to 7 hours delayed. The movie review section will be at least one month old.
Yahoo! Tamil, shares most of its news and articles from Webulagam, which is clearly given at the end of the article as ‘courtesy: Webdunia’. But still, my question is, if they are going to share from webdunia or webulagam, whats the point in starting a separate language portal under their brand name? Instead they can just provide the link to webulgam and make that particular website’s traffic increase.
When I checked, BBC Tamil, the news was simultaneously updated as its main English portal. But the news is more of International based, unlike other Tamil portals which has only India news.
As a Tamil reader I’m not satisfied of these available portals, because the News is not updated (Except BBC Tamil) and there is no focus on news from rest of the districts in Tamilnadu and Srilanka. Yes BBC gives some SRILANKAN news, but other Tamil NEWS portals just focus mostly on INDIAN NATIONAL NEWS, which we already get from other News websites and News Channels.
However mainstream newspaper Giant Daily thanthi provides its Epaper service in its website, and that gives the news which I required.
But what I need is professional internet TAMIL PORTAL. Like English, French and other languages have.
Special note: There are large number of website's for Kollwood news. Enna ulagamada ithu!


hari said...

LOgeshu, bayankaramaa aaraaichiyellaam pannure. Bale bale..

Enna classukke varathille ippo? Enna vishayam?

logesh tamilselvan said...

chumma chumma!!

Shrinidhi Hande said...

contents on yahoo get better target audience and more ad revenue. That's the reason yahoo pays others to provide content...