Wednesday, January 09, 2008

SEZ's should not be the only tool!

SEZ’s this is what we hear in recent days.

Government is encouraging Industrial sectors to grow in India. Especially Tier II cities like Salem (my hometown) is getting benefited.
Well, Yes! It’s a good sign for a developing country! But some economists have always said, there should be equal growth in all sectors, for a developing nation.
SEZ's should not be the only tool for Developing the nation. Now I feel its time for India to think what’s happening with Agriculture?

I heard somewhere, if the Agriculture sector is ignored, as it prevails in current scenario, INDIA may have to import Food from foreign countries after few years it seems. Government should concentrate on SAZ’s( Special Agricultural zones) and encourage agriculture as the way it does with Industrial Sector. SAZ’s are only introduced in Rajasthan and Punjab. States like Karnataka, TamilNadu and Andhra Pradhesh also should be considered in future for SAZ’s.
Moreover lot of families are coming out of Agriculture, which had been their family business for generation's. If these SAZ's come, Agriculture will have new face for future generation!

-Just a citizen’s vision on his countries growth!!! ;)
-The article writer is not an economist! :D