Friday, September 10, 2010

Auto or Car?!

Recent days, I'm seeing some weird automobile designs in Chennai. Especially with Share Autos. Sometimes its almost a hybrid variety of vehicles. This is one such, which i clicked in Anna Nagar 100 feet road.


Rear side is a Indigo Marina look alike. The front portion is like a normal auto. If a person see’s from, right behind this vehicle, he must think its an car. Or if a person is in dizzy mood, he might think its a baby of Car and Auto’s Indecent Proposal, LOL!

Wonder, whether this Designer has registered the patent right’s for his design?!

But certainly, i must also appreciate the designer, for his effort to show his uniqueness from other Auto Body Builders. ;)

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

My Personal Logo

Just made a logo for my personal use. Especially for blogging purpose. Psst, Copyright OK! ;)
Here have a look at it.

Meaning of Logo:
Well you can see the letter "L" which denotes the first letter of my name and you can see a "8" which denotes my DOB and its my lucky number too. On the whole you can see B for Blog.

Thanks to my cousin who helped me designing this.

Now you can see more changes in my blog. Have added more widgets and etc. Planning to Blog Often from now on, but can't promise. Since i'm not keeping up my promise.

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Kingfisher Flight to Salem

Now that, Salem is on India's Aviation map.
Kingfisher has started its air service from Salem to Chennai.
Look at the news coverage which i posted in SalemJilla.Com
Do not forget to check out the in-flight and airport pics, which are the next entry of the link which i gave.

Sunday, November 08, 2009

My First Visit to AMPA SKY WALK -Chennai's Newest Mall

Ampa Sky Walk, the newest mall(atleast for now) in Chennai.
I was almost jailed in my home for 48 hours, because of merciless rain in Chennai. In-spite of Flooded Waterways(that is how i should call the Chennai roads after the rain), i decided to take a look at this mall which is just a 3 kms drive from my Chennai residence.
The entry to this mall is from the nelson mainckam road side, A very narrow and steep entry path. Automatic parking chits, just like chennai citi center. Very nice Multi-level parking. Every level of parking has a entry to the mall, that's a unique feature away from spencers and citi center. It means when you park your car in Level 2, you can directly enter the level 2 of mall, need not take elevator or stairs.
Very grand looking Artrium, should stun all the visitors. So did me.

-Not many shops are opened at present.
-Westside is open and it occupies 3 floors.
-KFC and Mc Donald's are in good location facing Poonamalle road signal. KFC is yet to open.
-Cookie man and cafe day is available.
-other outlets like reebok, nike etc were present.

Food Mall: i have something to say here. It is not like you can directly access your food counter, order, pay and take the food. Here they issue a debit card system. You have to pay Rs.100(Rs90 can be used and Rs.10 is not, but refundable during card expiry as told by the counter guy) and get the card(one year validity) issued by the food court, the debit card is named as F3 card. Food Court is called as F3. Every time you pay only through this debit card. No cash in any food counters. This is where you may get irritated, for example, you have a Rs.100 balance, when you order a fried rice in a restaurant counter which costs Rs.90 and if you order a coke and you are out of balance, you cannot pay the extra amount in food counter itself, you should reach the debit card counter recharge the card and again come back to order. I think many people will be irritated with this concept. Thankfully KFC, McDonalds, cookie man and coffee day are away from this food court. Which doesn't come under this debit card.

Other Added Attraction to be coming soon to this mall is a 7 screened PVR cinemas. i can see the construction activities of PVR in the top level of the mall. The special most feature of this mall is, the SKY WALK which is gonna be part of PVR cinemas lobby. An Glass floored Ramp above 80 feet right at the center of the artrium. Hence it is called AMPA SKY WALK.

Friday, November 06, 2009

Discovery in Tamil

It was awesome to see Discovery channel yesterday. A program about Cheetah's and other cat families, was really sensational, and a clear narrations made me so exited. More programmes like Man vs Wild, and Escaped, kept me away from changing channel.
Are you asking me whats so special in it? Yes it is the regular programmes of Discovery channel. But now in Tamil.
Thanks to DTH and STBs audio options.
Discovery has been available in tamil from july(wasn't much publicity?), but i happened to know only last week, when i was watching cable tv in my hometown. Came back to chennai and subscribed to Discovery @Rs.18 p.m. Now i see Discovery in my mother language.
It is a clear narration, there was not very strange translations like translating technical names, they were just using the straight English name while narrating science programmes.
Though they say Tamil programmes are only from 6pm to 12pm. I can see tamil programmes almost round the clock, as discovery programmes are repeated mostly in day times.
Thru' my DTH STB i can even switch languages from Tamil to HINDI or ENGLISH if needed..
I found lot of people like to watch Tamil programmes in Discovery like me. So its a Success Experiment from Discovery.
I hope, sooner Discovery will bring Tamil audio for Animal planet too. And expecting channels like NGC, History will sooner be available in Tamil to compete Discovery.

Vaazhga Tamil!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Two years of blogging

Well, Surprisingly i found out that, I've been completed 2 years of blogging. When i look back, i have hardly made posts which will be useful to my friends or internet users.
Will try to post more useful things in coming days.. Definitely, have to improve in many things with related to blogging.
At this time i should Thank my Blog friends Hari and Shrinidhi, who have been supportive to me all these months. Thanks people!


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Famous Little Super Star Video

Somewhere or somehow, Kollywood movies become popular for its contents.
This Clip from the Movie Adhiyasaya Piravi, starring Super Star Rajinikanth with King Khan (a comedy actor in Tamil cinema), has attracted many viewers for its dance number in the video.

Look at the view numbers of that video!!
Well, what could be the reason for its popularity? Creativity? Buffoonery content?

Also take a look at the Spoof video of this famous video. Surprisingly, some people have used the idea for promotional purposes too...