Friday, July 27, 2007

India giving full employement?

Most people in INDIA would like to fly abroad, study there, work there..Moreover India always have High UNEMPLOYMENT rate due to its population.

i think now the scene is slowly changing. I spotted lot of foreigner's in Chennai City for few days,
Met one Serbian girl and enquired her, on what makes her to be here.. she said, she's in internship training for 6 months.
It seems about 1500 foreigners are present in south India alone for internship program, this season..

Looks like INDIA is cheaper for them in all ways, especially for a studying student.
Will this grow and can we expect more foreigner's work in INDIA?

But my question is, Does INDIA giving full employment to its citizens, to give room to foreigners?

GOK(God only Knows)


hari said...

> Met one Serbian girl and enquired her, on what makes her to be here..

Ada paavi, ippo foriegn ponnungalayum sight adikkaraiyaa??? :-p

Logesh TamilSelvan said...

dei naan sight adichu nee eppo paatha?

Logesh TamilSelvan said...

i'm very good boy

hari said...

Summa, oru shokku thaan... :-p

Nee rommmmmmmmmmmbaa nalla payyan thaan..

Shrinidhi Hande said...

Not only for education but for Medical tourism etc also India is cheap. Its cheap whenever you can earn in dollars and spend in rupees. Not the otherway round.

btb I can understand what conversation Hari and Logesh are having :)

Hari said...

hi ,
am frm tiruchengode near salem. So what do you do ? your last post is nice. But i think 1500 foreigners would be less.. I think even in infy the count would be more than 400

Hari said...

yeah would do tht :)

hari said...

The previous Hari is not me, Logesh. I always put my URL in my comments

Logesh TamilSelvan said...

yes Hari, i know tht's not you, thats my new friend in blogging.. u can see a new link in my blogroll..
neway i requested him to give his full name in future to avoid this confusion

Logesh TamilSelvan said...

Shri thanks for ur comment,
i would agree to u..

hari said...

Thanks Logesh.

Check out my new (experimental) tamil blog:

Ashwath said...

very soon its going to be a reality that foreigners wud come to India seeking jobs with the salary levels coming on par with intrnl stds.

Logesh TamilSelvan said...

Hope it happens soon
thanks for your visit..