Thursday, March 15, 2007

Missing SAB TV!

The Grand Cricket festival has started and it’s only a half treat for Chennai Cricket fans. Already, due to CAS (Conditional access System), 75% of Chennai urban people miss the action, by not watching through main broadcasters SONY MAX. It can be only watched through SET TOP BOX.
Now that SAB TV which is also a subsidy of SONY INDIA, some Matches which are played in same day is been telecasted in this channel, and is now been missing from Cable frequencies in Chennai since few days. SAB TV is actually a FTA (Free to Air) Channel, which was coming in normal cable connection, now it is missing.
I was shocked to find that SAB is also missing from my SET TOP BOX channel list. The reason is ‘?’.
I heard SAB will also be used to telecast matches with regional language commentaries from Super 8 rounds.
I tried to call SCV (main cable connection provider in Chennai and also a subsidy of SUN TV), the phone bell was just ringing!

Update News: After my post, Yesterday during India Match, SAB tv was back on the normal cable. But still unavailable on SET TOP BOX. Where in STB also SAB tv used to come.


hari said...

Logesh my cable operator is giving me SAB TV.

Shrinidhi Hande said...

CAS was supposed to relieve viewers from the cable operators mal practices. But I feel by opting for CAS like Tata Sky or DishTV we're heading towards a much more dangerous regime, as these companies have powerful, well organized and legal means of cheating people

logesh tamilselvan said...

@hari.. after i enquired.. i found SAB was available in Mylapore area's.. where u also reside.. and most of the areas in chennai have the same problem wat i hav...
I dont understand how is it possible..
Where the area Cable oprators in Chennai will just have change overs and they wont have control on Channel and other things..
Its all SCV for Chennai.. again it confuses me a lot.

Thanks a lot for your comment. And i wholly go with your opinion..