Friday, November 06, 2009

Discovery in Tamil

It was awesome to see Discovery channel yesterday. A program about Cheetah's and other cat families, was really sensational, and a clear narrations made me so exited. More programmes like Man vs Wild, and Escaped, kept me away from changing channel.
Are you asking me whats so special in it? Yes it is the regular programmes of Discovery channel. But now in Tamil.
Thanks to DTH and STBs audio options.
Discovery has been available in tamil from july(wasn't much publicity?), but i happened to know only last week, when i was watching cable tv in my hometown. Came back to chennai and subscribed to Discovery @Rs.18 p.m. Now i see Discovery in my mother language.
It is a clear narration, there was not very strange translations like translating technical names, they were just using the straight English name while narrating science programmes.
Though they say Tamil programmes are only from 6pm to 12pm. I can see tamil programmes almost round the clock, as discovery programmes are repeated mostly in day times.
Thru' my DTH STB i can even switch languages from Tamil to HINDI or ENGLISH if needed..
I found lot of people like to watch Tamil programmes in Discovery like me. So its a Success Experiment from Discovery.
I hope, sooner Discovery will bring Tamil audio for Animal planet too. And expecting channels like NGC, History will sooner be available in Tamil to compete Discovery.

Vaazhga Tamil!


praveenc85 said...

Loggy, I am really a big fan of discovery channel from my childhood. Though I really miss it watching on these days due to workssss.. I watch it sometime still.

Now a days I am watching this Tamil discovery channel daily during my dinner time. It is really exciting to watch in Tamil, our mother tongue.

Logesh TamilSelvan said...

yes it is exciting to watch Infotainment channels in mother language.
Let us wait and see on how Discovery retains this service.

hari said...

Welcome back to the blogging world Logesh!

Logesh TamilSelvan said...

thanks buddy.. wat ru upto..