Sunday, October 01, 2006

FM (Fast growing Media)

Chennai's FM is increasing with more stations Day by Day.
Indiatimes's- RADIO MIRCHI
SUNTV's- Suryan FM
Star's- Radio City
Daily thanthi's- Hello FM
Reliance's Big FM
So the Number has increased to 5 among the private stations, excluding the two government FM stations
FM Rainbow and
FM Gold
FM after the commencement of RADIO MIRCHI and SURYAN FM on 2003 had changed the Tamil radio listeners to a different experience.
So the AIR WAR has Started!

Newly launched BIG FM giving a very good mixture of Old and New movie songs, which tries to make its Listeners, stick the same frequency. Actually Reliance has a plans to make its FM station accessible all over the tamilnadu with same frequency!
Apart from this, two months old RADIO CITY giving a good competition to RADIO MIRCHI, on attracting the Youth Ears.
Suryan FM among these cannot be categorized. Because, whenever I tune up to Suryan FM, I can only listen the conversation between the RJ's and Callers. Even the RJ's in Suryan seems to be unfriendly! And they won't forget to utter this slogan to Each caller saying, 'Unga Radio volume reduce pannunga!' If they fail to reduce the volume, the caller is forcedly been disconnected. Suryan has its broadcast also in Coimbatore and tirunelveli, there too the same agenda follows.
Radio mirchi had a massive opening, but later, coz of too many commercials, it too lost some of its listeners. Radio city and Radio mirchi both using the same kind of flavour. Their main target is Youth. Suchitra, ajay, balaji in radio mirchi and Nandu in Radio city are the Notable Rj's. They actually give a differen experience to the listeners. Both channels play western music during saturdays, which actually compensates those who miss Disco theques on that weekend!
RADIO ONE, RED FM also gonna HIT Chennai frequency very soon! Its a Grand treat for Radio listeners!
Other than this WORLD SPACE SATELLITE RADIO plays its own part with its listeners all over the globe!

And the government FM's--->No Comments!


Anonymous said...

hey logu,
You really have to listen to suryan fm coimbatore. then i think youll change your views. The coimbatore RJ s of suryan FM really rock. They ve got a variety of voices. They give a real FM experience. RJ KUMAR, RJ Lakshmi narayan , RJ Anand are very famous RJ s of Coimbatore. They ve got their unique style of Rj ing unlike all the chennai Rj s who sound all alike.

logesh tamilselvan said...

yes sir maybe now, it had been changed, in beginning coimbatore suryan fm was same lik chennai suryan, which is still remaining the same. moreover most of the best Rj's of Suryan(chennai) has moved out and joined other Fm's, that should be noted.

Anonymous said...

I think among the rj s Rj kumar is the best . The voice that coimbatore wakes up to. He s very energetic, chirpy and bubbly. I think he s got a huge fan following for his peppy voice.

Anonymous said...

Suryan FM Aahaa FM Merina FM Minnal Fm Thenral FM and 50+ Tamil radio stations @ Tamil

komalselva said...
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